Gennaio 2022 – A Brief History of Tea

Iniziamo questo viaggio con la più iconica delle tradizioni inglesi: quella del tè delle 5! E voi sapevate che il tè è la seconda bevanda più consumata al mondo?

A Brief History of Tea

Tea was first grown in China and then spread to other countries and has always been liked by people all over the world.  Tea has never lost its popularity, especially in recent years, when people are increasingly aware of the importance of organic foods and drinks. China and the UK are two large tea drinking nations. It is universally known that China is the original tea-growing area, as well as the first country to grow, produce and drink tea. It was almost 3000 years ago when China found and started to use tea. Tea was unknown to Europeans until the 16th century and was  introduced to Britain by the Dutch in the mid 17th century. Since then, tea has been an important drink in Great Britain for hundreds of years, and it is drunk throughout the day in most British homes.

How to Properly Prepare Tea

  • Boil water. Different types of tea require different water temperature to brew. Check the tea packaging to see the recommended water temperature.
  • Warm up teapot. This step is a detail that takes your tea to the next level and almost no one does it but they should. Take some of the boiled water and fill half the teapot and give it a few swirls then throw out the water. We’re warming the teapot so that when the hot water for tea goes in, the water temperature won’t drop too much.
  • Put tea into teapot and add hot water.
  • Cover teapot and steep tea. Set the timer on your phone to steep it to the correct amount of time. The steep time is different for each kind of tea so check the tea package to see what is recommended. Usually it’s no more than 5 minutes.
  • Strain tea solids and pour hot tea into tea cups.
  • Add milk if you like.



brief = breve

to spread to = diffondersi

increasingly = sempre più

aware = consapevole

organic = biologico

as well as = così come

the Dutch = gli olandesi

throughout = durante

to brew = mettere in infusione

packaging = confezione

boiled = bollito

swirls = giri, vortici

to throw out = buttare/gettare via

to drop = cadere, abbassarsi

to steep = macerare

to strain = filtrare

solids = solidi

How to take afternoon tea like a Brit


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